Having the right intake system, one that is automated, one that is personable and one that helps you with follow up will help you close more deals faster.

Because home buyers start online when searching for their new home or land, having a system that interacts with them online and offline, right away is imperative. 

With so much clutter on the internet, the only way to stay top of the mind is having a system that works for you, communicates to your leads moments after they see your site, while you are sleeping, or showing homes.

“Fortune Is In The Follow Up” – it is all about the follow up! 48% of Realtors never attempt to follow up at all, the ones that do follow up, on average follow up 2 times. Here is the TRUTH in this business, the conversion happens on average on the 8th contact. When looking at email for example communication happens on average after the 15th contact, then you will get rejected for an appointment once communication happens on average 5 times before you get an appointment. The only way you will ever convert at a high level and become successful is to follow up at a massive level!

We will help you automate your intake system so it can work for you and your clients.